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Valerie Reich
January 9, 2017 | Valerie Reich

Pali's Plans for the New Year.

We want to fill you in on some exciting Pali projects for the upcoming year.  One of our biggest announcements is that we are opening a new tasting room in Anaheim, California! Only a short drive away from Disneyland, our new Anaheim tasting room will be located across the street from the iconic Anaheim Packing House. This tasting room will include a variety of features already in place at the other tasting rooms . It has a modern, and clean look, designed with sustainability in mind and also features an outdoor patio. Other features of the tasting room that are universal at all Pali Wine Co. tasting rooms include wine on tap for growlers, small plates, live music, and wine club member pick up parties.

Another unique attribute of our Anaheim tasting room is that it will also function as a winery. We will be making small quantities of wine on the premises, and these wines, made in only very small quantities, will only be available in our Anaheim tasting room.  As a part of the “Make” facility in Anaheim, all of the businesses produce some or all of their products on site. Our neighbors will be a brewery and a distillery. 

Further South in California, our San Diego tasting room is nearly finished with all of its final touches! The upstairs and outdoor patios are being furnished with gas heating units to keep patrons warm and cozy during the colder winter months. We will also be having a special event at our San Diego Tasting Room coming up at the end of January featuring our Winemaker, Aaron Walker, where he will speak on the nuances and attributes of Pali Wines.  Details to follow via email.

Finally, to kick off the New Year we will soon be releasing our 2015 vintage wines. These wines, including the 2015 Huntington Pinot Noir, 2015 Riviera Pinot Noir, 2015 Tower15 White Cap, and our 2015 Tower15 Dornfelder, will be available for purchase in the tasting rooms and online soon. 


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