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Jay Gannon
October 6, 2017 | Jay Gannon

Drink Wine Straight From the Keg with our New Tap Wine Program!

Tap wine is one of the latest and greatest ways to enjoy a fresh glass of wine and now can be enjoyed at any of our Pali Wine Co. tasting rooms! With a selection of rotating taps available, we keep the wine crisp, new, exciting, and ready when you are.

Our tap wines come straight from the barrel, which our winemaker periodically samples to determine the perfect timing to showcase each wine.

One of the biggest advantages that come with kegged wine is the ability to keep the wine as fresh as it was when it was first put into the keg. Each pour that you get will taste just as fresh as the last, without worry of the wine being exposed to its worst enemies, heat and oxygen.

And since the kegs replace the bottles, this is one of the most sustainable ways to produce and serve wine to date, so you can feel good about choosing this “green” option of drinking wine!

For those who are interested in our tap wines, we have an awesome "growler" program that allows our guests to take home their favorite wines straight from our tap in a 1000ml wine growler (the glass bottle in the below photo). These growlers are 250ml larger than a traditional bottle of wine and can be refilled at any of our locations with and a free refill on your 11th purchase!

Can’t decide which wine to take home? Try them during a $12 tap tasting before you decide. To see which kegged wines we are currently pouring, check out our What’s On Tap Section Here!

See below for the price breakdown on our growler program:

Growler Type



Red Wine Growler



White Wine Growler



Specialty Red Wine Growler



Specialty White Wine Growler




Tap wine is great for the environment, great for our wines, great on your wallet, and not to mention, they are delicious! So, what are you waiting for? Stop by today and pick up your growler from any of our four locations.  

Click below to check out our tasting room pages!

[Anaheim Tasting Room] [San Diego Tasting Room]

[Santa Barbara Tasting Room] [Lompoc Tasting Room]




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