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About Us


Founded in 2005 with the intent to produce Burgundy-inspired wines from California’s Central Coast, Pali Wine Co. now consists of three brands with distinct focuses. The original Pali brand focuses on premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay sourced primarily from Pali’s own Santa Rita Hills and Sonoma vineyards. Tower 15 Winery produces extremely small bottlings of opportunistic, single varietal wines with grapes purchased from small, family-owned vineyards in California’s Central Coast. The newest brand, Neighborhood Winery, specializes in interesting blends – both daring and traditional – that often push the boundaries of conventional wine flavor profiles. All wines are meticulously crafted at Pali’s Lompoc-based winery under the direction of its long-time winemaker, Aaron Walker. 

About Our Wines

Pali is a Lompoc-based winery, on the western edge of the iconic Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, committed to producing ultra-high-quality wines at fair prices without a shred of snobbery. Pali employs environmentally friendly wine grape growing, and non-invasive winemaking practices. All three brands share the same philosophy:

1. All great wine starts with great fruit. As such, Pali developed its own vineyards in premium wine growing areas in the Sta. Rita Hills and Sonoma County so it can control the quality of its wine from grape to glass. Almost two-thirds of Pali’s wine is made from fruit from its own vineyards, where only healthy farming techniques are used to ensure that each grape reaches its highest potential flavor. Our techniques are skewed towards quality and sustainability, not quantity, which means we never take shortcuts.

2. In addition to its own vineyards, Pali sources fruit from a handful of small, family-owned vineyards with wine growing values consistent with its own, in most cases for generations.

3. Pali’s minimalistic winemaking practices allow the natural beauty of the high-quality fruit to shine. Winemaking begins when fruit is delivered to its state-of-the-art facility in Lompoc, where it is sorted by hand to remove leaves and stems, unripe and over ripe clusters, and other impurities. Wines are tended to by hand during initial small-lot fermentation. This effort results in wines that are true to the vineyard, vintage and varietal which are informatively displayed on each label, so consumers can trace the wines back to their origins. 

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