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The Pali Story


Pali began in 2005 when entrepreneurs Tim Perr and Scott Knight pooled their resources and their passions to found a winery dedicated to producing small lots of artisanal Pinot Noir, their favorite varietal. This past year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the winery, which is named after Tim and Scott’s coastal hometown of Pacific Palisades (Pali for short), located on the west side of Los Angeles.  Many of the wines bear names of Pacific Palisades neighborhoods (Huntington, Riviera, and Bluffs) and streets (Charm Acres). 

In 2007, after producing two successful vintages of Pinot Noir, Pali outgrew its small, "garagista" style production facility in Lompoc.  They built a new, larger, state of the art winery.  The new Pali winery was Lompoc's first building erected for the purpose of wine making.

In 2012, Pali launched another wine brand, Tower 15 Winery.  This label showcases the many varietals that thrive in the large and diverse Central Coast region.

Over the past ten years, production has grown from 1500 cases to over 20,000 cases a year.  However, our goal remains the same: to make terroir-driven wines and to bring these wines to the consumer at the best prices without compromising quality. From the vineyard to your glass, the Pali Team takes pride in making wines that express the unique qualities and flavors of the varietal and the appellation in which it's grown. 

2017 Riviera Pinot Noir

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